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Meet Pete…

Pete - For Pete's SakeFor Pete’s Sake is a charity primarily and annually funded from the estate of “Pete” O’Brien, seeks to provide specific grants to existing non profit organizations for the aid, comfort, support, and betterment of disadvantaged children and to provide scholarships for higher learning for disadvantaged children.

This charity is not founded on his memory, but on the journey of his life. His own experience gave him a deep understanding of the power of making a difference, meeting a need, providing a “step up.” Pete’s higher learning was a myriad of interests but he recognized that higher learning institutions are the “building blocks” that prepare the young to educate themselves for a lifetime.

His life journey is understandably remarkable only when considering the beginning, the distance and steepness of his path, and all the byways he chose along the way. Pete was not a leader by nature, but a great example. An extremely hard worker, Pete was at most times balancing more than one job or business venture. He was an “interested” man, traveling the world, diving the Red Sea, sailing, wintering in the Keyes, always maintaining a vision. His legacy of unmatchable humor, an open spirit, and a true capacity for sharing continue to inspire others.

For Pete’s Sake is all about sharing funds and vision to provide a “step up.”

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